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Directly inspired by the LiteSPORT 1X, Liteboat offers a stable double boat with a sleek design for clubs wishing to introduce their members to rowing on any type of water. Our mission is to create light and easy boats. This 6.5m (21.3ft) boat offers stability that does not detract from its performance, allowing beginners to continue to progress and to have very good gliding sensations. The LiteDUO is a real introductory and training boat, and its design makes it unsinkable, suitable for river and lake navigation. For the more experienced rowers, it can be used in coastal seas (calm, however the self-bailer quickly removes water from the cockpit in rough conditions).. There is space under the rear seat, and a watertight compartment at the front of the boat accessible by a hatch, so you can take all the equipment you need for your trip!

  • Quick-release riggers
  • Flex-feet footstretchers
  • Adjustable height carbon seats
  • Rear storage net
Length | Longueur6,5m / 21.3ft
Beam | Largeur0,80m / 2.6ft
Weight | Poids*43kg / 94.8lbs
Max. load | Charge max260kg / 573lbs

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