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Olen liikkunut vesillä koko ikäni, mutta soutajana olen vielä aloittelija. Tutustuin Liteboatiin ensi kerran kymmenkunta vuotta sitten Ranskassa messuilla ja tajusin heti että edessäni on vene joka soveltuu Suomen olosuhteisiin erinomaisesti. Monien vaiheiden jälkeen olemme toimineet Suomen Liteboat-maahantuojana vuodesta 2018. Varastomme sijaitsee Turussa, mutta toimitamme Liteboateja koko Suomeen.

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Today, Liteboat is a world leader in the manufacture of recreational rowing boats. Our objective is to provide rowing boats that are easy to use, very stable and lightweight. We offer 100% French handmade rowing boats, which simplify rowing on any body of water (whether on a river, a lake or the sea) and due to their lightness facilitate the transport of the boat on a car roof.

Our product range is composed of various types and models of recreational rowing boats, but also coastal or row&sail boats, that combine design, performance, stability, safety and innovation. Our rowing boats will give you the best advantage on your sports outings and your trips to discover and explore nature.

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Mathieu Bonnier, CEO & Marie Thiebaut, General manager of Liteboat on a LiteRace 2X

Liteboat yrityksenä

Liteboats are the result of hours of dedicated work by our passionate team. Each boat requires more than 100 stages, and expert workers. From the gelcoating to the carbon layers cutout, from the polishing to the last sticker applied, we take care of every detail to provide you with a perfect high-quality boat. To build light rowing boats, Liteboat team uses an innovative building technique: vacuum infusion. It is a process where resin is injected in mold under a vacuum. There is no air in the composite sandwich, and, above all, the exact quantity of resin injected is controlled. As a result, our boats benefit from a superior quality over traditionally hand lay-up built boats.